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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Women's Grand Prix Standings after the fourth stage.

Women's Grand Prix Standings after the fourth stage.

Carlsen suffers back to back losses

Round 5 results

Mamedyarov 1-0 Caruana
Carlsen 0-1 Radjabov
Nakamura 1/2 Karjakin

B Group

Motylev 1/2 Durarbayli
Safarli 0-1 Eljanov
Wang Hao 1/2 Wojtaszek
Bacrot 1-0 Mamedov
Huseinov 1-0 Abasov

Gashimov Memorial LIVE!

Asian Continental Chess 2014 LIVE!

Gashimov Memorial B group LIVE!

Women's World Rapid Championship LIVE!

Queen and Pawn endgame special

White to move. How should White proceed?

8/4p3/1pkP3Q/5p2/1K3p2/5Pq1/8/8 w - - 0 1

Kubbel 1928, presented by Andreas

Carlsen & Caruana share Gashimov Memorial lead after 4

B group

11th annual SPF Girls' Invitational - Additional prizes for World Youth Qualifiers

Rules & Conditions for the 11th Annual Susan Polgar Foundation Girls' Invitational
(Over $200K in prizes and scholarships)
July 10 – 15, 2014 at Webster University (St. Louis, Missouri)

Webster University will provide complimentary room and meal accommodation on campus for all qualifiers!

The annual Susan Polgar Girls’ Invitational, in its 11th year, is the most prestigious all-girls event in the United States. It will once again be held at Webster University (St. Louis, Missouri).

• There will be an intense training session with Susan Polgar and members of the SPICE team, followed by a 6 round (g/90+30) FIDE rated championship tournament.

• The traditional Blitz, Puzzle Solving, Bughouse events will stay the same as in previous years.

• There will be many chess prizes awarded, as well as scholarships to Webster University.

Each state is allowed one representative to be nominated by May 20, 2014. Official representative alternates may be substituted no later than June 15. (Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee may allow the host state to enter an additional qualified player.) Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee may allow exceptions to the May 20 entry/alternate deadline. Should the state affiliate fail to respond to the notice for this tournament, Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee may determine the candidate from that state.

Players must have been enrolled in a school (up to 12th grade) located in the state they represent, also of the year in which the tournament is held. Home-schooled students who are under the age of 19 on July 10th of the year in which the event is held or students who have never attended college on a full time basis prior to June 1 of the year in which the tournament is held, are eligible to represent the state in which they reside.

Exception: If a player graduates from high school early and is already attending college, she may still represent her state if nominated. This is the decision of each state affiliate.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The participants of the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational DO NOT have to be high school students. Any qualifier under the age of 19 (by July 10th of the year in which the tournament is held) is eligible!

Special invitation for this year only: All past participants of the SPNI and SPFGI (Susan Polgar National Invitational/Susan Polgar Foundation Girls’ Invitational 2004-2013) are invited to participate in the 2014 SPFGI. The idea is to have the past participants learn my method of training so they can go back home and share their knowledge with the younger players. However, registration MUST be made ASAP since space is limited. There will be mutual training sessions for all, however separate section & prizes for alumni participants over the age of 19.

Players are required to furnish the organizer an emergency phone number and the e-mail address of a parent/guardian.

There is no entry fee to participate in the 2014 SPFGI; however, players are responsible for their own travel. For all state representatives, and qualifiers from the SPNO or SPWO, Webster University will provide complimentary room and meal accommodation on campus.

For alumni participants, wild card/special invites, coaches, parents, or other family members, inexpensive accommodations are available for housing and dining on Webster’s campus. Please note that all reservations and registrations MUST be made (and accommodation expenses prepaid) no later than June 15, 2014.

Prizes: Trophies / plaques will be awarded to the winners of the Susan Polgar Foundation Girl’s Invitational Puzzle Solving, Blitz, and the SPFGI Championship. Co-champions are recognized in the case of a tie, with each champion receiving a Champion’s Plaque or Trophy.

The Champion (or Co-Champions) of the main event will automatically be invited to defend her/their title (must meet age requirement).

Champion: Webster University scholarship* (approximately $24,000+ per year x 4 years) Champion's Cup. (In case of a tie, a playoff will used to determine the level of scholarships)

2nd place: Webster University scholarship (approximately $14,000+ per year x 4 years)

3rd place: Webster University scholarship (approximately $12,000+ per year x 4 years)

Brand new additional prizes this year!

Top under 16: $1,000 scholarship to help defray expenses to the 2014 World Youth (if participating**)

Top under 14: $1,000 scholarship to help defray expenses to the 2014 World Youth (if participating**)

Top under 12: $1,000 scholarship to help defray expenses to the 2014 World Youth (if participating**)

Top under 10: $1,000 scholarship to help defray expenses to the 2014 World Youth (if participating**)

* The scholarships to Webster University must be exercised no later than Fall of 2017, and are not transferable. In addition, these scholarships cannot be combined with other academic scholarships, or stacked. If players won scholarships in past events, they can choose to exercise the highest one.

** After flight ticket has been purchased, a $1,000 reimbursement check will be sent to the winners.

The Polgar Committee’s goal is to have all 50 states (including two representatives for California, two for Texas, and two for Missouri) and the District of Columbia represented. We strongly encourage each state and the District of Columbia affiliate to hold a scholastic championship tournament to determine each state’s champion and representative. Failing this, rating criteria may be acceptable. A scholastic girls’ champion or the highest rated girls’ scholastic player in a state who has no state affiliate of the USCF should contact the Polgar Committee as soon as possible.

Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee and its members may elect to award a limited number of wild cards each year for the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational.

Special qualifying events: The Polgar Committee will award automatic qualifying spots to the reigning winners in each section of the annual Susan Polgar NO for Girls (New Orleans) and the Susan Polgar World Open for Girls (Chicago).

The SPFGI Chairperson is Martha Underwood (AZ).

NOTICE TO ALL STATE OFFICIALS: Please send the nomination from your state to the Polgar Committee (

Contact info: Polgar Committee (

The Susan Polgar Foundation can be contacted at 806-281-7424 or through

World Chess Hall of Fame and the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame

World Chess Hall of Fame and the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame

Each Induct Two New Members for 2014

April 23, 2014 (Saint Louis, MO) – Four exceptional chess players will take their places in history when two are inducted into the World Chess Hall of Fame and two into U.S. Chess Hall of Fame during a ceremony on March 7, 2014.

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) nominated and selected Maya Chiburdanidze and Paul Keres for the World Chess Hall of Fame. They join 19 other players who have received the honor since the World Chess Hall of Fame’s creation in 2001.

“These two remarkable players were luminaries in 20th century chess. Their legacies still impact the game today,” said Beatriz Marinello, FIDE Vice President.

The U.S. Chess Federation Hall of Fame Committee considers and sends candidates for the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame to the U.S. Chess Trust each year. The Trust votes on candidates, selecting Abraham Kupchik and Jacqueline Piatigorsky to join the 52 other players currently in the Hall of Fame.

“Kupchik and Piatigorsky both had immeasurable influence on the game of chess in the United States. We are thrilled to celebrate them as players and pioneers,” said Harold Winston, chairman of the U.S. Chess Federation Hall of Fame Committee.

Each player is permanently commemorated at the World Chess Hall of Fame with a plaque bearing their image and a biography of their notable contributions to the game.

“The 2014 induction ceremony will highlight these four fantastic chess players as well as the national and global cultural significance of the game. We look forward to welcoming the families and friends of the inductees, who will attend alongside some of today’s biggest names in chess,” said Susan Barrett, director of the World Chess Hall of Fame.

About the 2014 World Chess Hall of Fame Honorees

Maya Chiburdanidze (1961 – ): Maya Chiburdanidze’s introspective, exceptional play earned her U.S.S.R. Women’s Chess Championship at the young age of sixteen. The following year, she earned a place at the top of women’s chess, becoming the youngest woman at that time to win the Women’s World Championship when she defeated Nona Gaprindashvili. Chiburdanidze would defend her title four times, finally losing it in 1991 to Xie Jun.

A pioneer in women’s chess, Chiburdanidze was only the second woman to earn the title of Grandmaster in 1984. She was a member of the Soviet and later Georgian women’s teams that dominated the Women’s Chess Olympiads through the 1980s and 1990s, winning nine team gold medals and four gold medals on Board 1.

Paul Keres (1916 – 1975): A three-time Soviet chess champion, Keres was a Candidate for the World Chess Championship seven times and finished equal third in the 1948 World Chess Championship tournament. Keres’ near misses earned him the nickname the “crown prince of chess.”

Keres’ many tournament victories included ties for first in both AVRO 1938 (which he won on tiebreak) and the 1963 Piatigorsky Cup, two of the strongest tournaments ever held. He also played on gold medal winning teams representing the Soviet Union in the 1952 – 1964 Chess Olympiads. Additionally, Keres’ multi-volume series detailing his games ranks among the greatest best games collections ever written.

About the 2014 U.S. Chess Hall of Fame Honorees

Abraham Kupchik (1892 – 1970): Born in Brest (then a part of Russia), Abraham Kupchik immigrated to the U.S. in 1903 and was one of the strongest American players from 1914 to 1940. He shared first place with U.S. Champion Frank Marshall in 1923 at the 9th American Chess Congress and won the prestigious Manhattan Chess Club Championship thirteen times between 1913/14 and 1936/37. He earned second place at the Lake Hopatcong chess tournament behind José Raúl Capablanca and ahead of Géza Maróczy, Frank Marshall, and Edward Lasker.

In the 1935 Chess Olympiad, Kupchik earned team gold and individual bronze medals playing Board 3 for the U.S. His accomplishments also included playing Board 9 in the famed 1945 U.S.A.-U.S.S.R. radio match.

Jacqueline Piatigorsky (1911 – 2012): A woman of many talents, Jacqueline Piatigorsky transformed American chess through her efforts as an organizer, philanthropist, and player. She won an individual bronze medal on Board 2 when she represented the U.S. in the first Women's Chess Olympiad in 1957. Piatigorsky is best remembered for organizing two of the greatest American chess tournaments: the 1963 and 1966 Piatigorsky Cups.

Committed to promoting youth chess, she created scholastic programs in Southern California in the early 1960s through the Piatigorsky Foundation. She also initiated the U.S. Junior Closed Chess Championship and provided support for the U.S. and U.S. Women’s Chess Championships.

SP World Open for Boys and Girls - A 2015 World Youth Qualifier Event!

Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls
Oct 31-Nov 1-Nov 2
Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, IL

Over $100,000 in prizes with scholarships to Webster University!

A 2015 World Youth Qualifier Event!

Sections (Boys and Girls each)

U18, U16, U14, U12, U10

Prizes (Boys and Girls each)


1st place – Webster University Scholarship ($52,000 value)

2nd – 4th place - $150-100-75 in chess prizes

U16, U14, U12, U10

1st place – iPad Mini

2nd – 4th place - $150-100-75 in chess prizes.

All sections – trophies to 1st – 8th place and 1st-2nd for school-based teams

Rounds and Time Control

6R-SS Game-45 w/5-sec delay: Sat-Sun 11am, 1:30pm, 4pm each day.

On-site registration

9:30-10:30am Sat. Limit 2 byes.
Last rd. bye must commit by end of Round 2.

Side Events:

2-hour camp with GM Polgar (Fri 6:00pm)

Puzzle Solving (Sat 6pm)

Simul (Sat 7pm)

Blitz (Sun 9am).

1-day U8 tournament (10:30am - onsite reg 9:30-10am)

Trophies for 1st – 15th place and top 3 school teams
Participation Ribbons for All Players!

Team Rules: Minimum 2 players in same section from same school or feeder school (if feeder school parent / coach must provide proof). Top 2 scores count if more than 2 players on a team. A single school with many players cannot create additional teams in the same section. 1 team per section per school.

Site: Hyatt Regency Schaumburg – 1800 E Golf Road – Schaumburg, IL 60173.

Hotel: $89/night – call 847-605-1234 and ask for CHESS rate. Reserve by Oct 11. Free parking.

Entries: If postmarked or online by 10/4 $40; online or postmarked by 10/18 $50,$60 thereafter. Puzzle Solving, Blitz, Simul Side Events EF – $20 each. Camp EF – $40 by 10/4, $50 by 10/18, $60 thereafter and onsite. 1-day scholastic: $30 by 10/18, $40 thereafter and onsite. Credit Cards onsite OK. No checks onsite.

Mail entries to: ChessIQ (payable to) 4957 Oakton Street Suite 113 Skokie, IL 60077. Register online at –

Other info: Boards, sets, and clocks provided. None for skittles. Must use organizer provided equipment. Chess store onsite. November rating supplement used. Questions: (ONLY). On tournament day (ONLY) 847.274.1352

New In Chess magazine for Kindle Fire & Android Tablets

New In Chess ​digital ​magazine ​now available ​ ​on tablet

AMSTERDAM - New In Chess magazine is now available on all three major platforms for digital magazine publishing. The free New In Chess apps for ​iPad, ​Kindle Fire and Android Tablets can be downloaded in the ​ iTunes App Store,​Amazon App Store and Google Play App Store respectively.

All ​chess aficionados can download the complete digital issue 2013#8​ for free. This issue has the report on ​the ​Vishy ​Anand - ​Magnus ​Carlsen match​ with exclusive annotations by Anish Giri. The digital magazine has a​ built-in​interactive game viewer. "I am delighted that our digital readers can replay all games without the need of a chess set", says editor-in-chief ​of New In Chess, ​Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam. "This tablet edition travels well. It is great that our readers can now choose between a paper and a digital edition. Or enjoy both!"

New In Chess is the world's premier chess magazine with subscribers in 97 countries. Regular contributors are Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian, Vladimir Kramnik, Peter Svidler, Nigel Short, Anish Giri, Jan Timman and many more.

To download the app and the free issue for iPad, please click here
To download the app and the free issue for Kindle Fire, please click here
To download the app and the free issue for Android tablets, please click here

​​Issues 2014#1 and 2014#2 have been published as well.
​The next issue, 2014#3, will be published May 6th. Back issues will follow shortly.​

OCL Spring Break MADNESS ... and more

The Hyper Accelerated Dragon - GM Eugene Perelshteyn

The Hyper Accelerated Dragon - GM Eugene Perelshteyn
Posted on April 23,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. The Hyper Accelerated Dragon breathes its own Fire on the Board! The Accelerated Dragon - GM Eugene Perelshteyn Attempts to blunt Eugene's Accelerated Dragon Bishop with 4.c3 can be done but the position becomes totally equal provided Black knows the follow up and a quick...Bg4 is high up on the agenda shown to be good for Black in the game Shirov-Perelshteyn where we see how Black can even play for an advantage from the opening. Eugene shows th[...]

The Art of Roman Dzindzichashvili - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili
Posted on April 21,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. The Artist in Action! The Art of Roman Dzindzichashvili - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili Intermediate Advanced ability will grasp this lecture on 'The Art of Positional Play'--weighing up different types of positional elements is an extremely important skill. Roman demonstrates a great middle game of his from a Hastings International Tournament that he also won! Knights are better pieces in closed positions and Roman reasons that if the game can remai[...]

Attacking Chess 1 - IM Valeri Lilov
Posted on April 18,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Try this if you want to Attack! The following is a preview of Attacking Chess 1 - IM Valeri Lilov of the ChessLecture DVD series. The Game features 'attacking the opponent' with clear tips and principles. There is emphasis upon 'Attacking the Castled King' and the common tactics associated to it such as 'Target a weakness of a Pawn or a square' and the DVD is for all ranges of ability. The Greek Gift works sometimes and does not in other situatio[...]

OCL Spring Break MADNESS
Posted on April 17,2014 By William in All Articles w/ Videos. We're excited to announce our spring break MADNESS special to celebrate, offering a 50% discount on ALL chess DVD orders over $150. You can mix and match ANY chess DVD from ANY producer or presenter - including videos by Igor Smirnov, ChessLecture, Roman's Lab, Foxy, Andrew Martin, GingerGM, and Danny Kopec. In honor of this great news we are also giving away a FREE copy of the premium Chess Lecture video "An Opening Repertoire for an Attacking P[...] is a producer of thousands of free chess articles and free chess videos by FIDE chess masters. They recently released the renowned Empire Chess series that has been taking the chess world by storm. Please consider checking out their chess blog and chess shop with tons of free updated previews.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sydney International Chess Open 2014

The Sydney International Open is taking place from 22st to 27th April, 2014 at Parramatta Town Hall, in Sydney, the most populous city of Australia.

The event is a 9 round Open tournament with cash prizes totaling 14,200 $. The time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game plus 30 sec per move from move 1.

Last year’s winner GM Loek Van Wely is here to defend the title.

It’s a busy month for Australian organizers, as Doeberl Cup 2014 in Canberra finished only a day before the start of Sydney International Open.

Games will be live daily on Chessdom with the innovative triple engine analysis by Chessdom Chess Arena and the top engines of the world’s strongest computer chess championship TCEC.

Official website/ Live games with analysis

List of participants (top seeds):

1 GM Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter GER 2686
2 GM Van Wely Loek NED 2685
3 GM Melkumyan Hrant ARM 2633
4 GM Vajda Levente ROU 2597
5 GM Roy Chowdhury Saptarshi IND 2491
6 IM Ly Moulthun AUS 2440
7 GM Johansen Darryl K. AUS 2400
8 FM Izzat Kanan AZE 2383
9 IM Morris James AUS 2377
10 IM Solomon Stephen J. AUS 2369

FIDE/ACP Anti-Cheating Committee meeting

FIDE/ACP Anti-Cheating Committee meeting

On April 21-23, the FIDE/ACP Anti-Cheating Committee met at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University at Buffalo, NY, for finalizing the proposal to the General Assembly for the new Anti-Cheating regulations. The meeting was also an occasion for a first-hand evaluation, together with leading academic experts, of the sophisticated anti-cheating tool developed by Prof. Kenneth Regan. FIDE wishes to thank the University at Buffalo for hosting this very important meeting and for devoting its professors' time to this project.