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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Renewed energy and strength from Anand

Bilbao Chess Masters: Anand strikes again
NEW DELHI, September 19, 2014
Updated: September 19, 2014 02:33 IST

Continuing his sparkling form, Viswanathan Anand carved out a clinical victory over Spain’s Francisco Vallejo in 33 moves in their fourth round encounter of the Bilbao Chess Masters Finals at Bilbao, on Thursday.

Anand’s third victory, followed by top seed Levon Aronian’s drawn game against Ruslan Ponomariov, saw the five-time World champion open up a four-point lead. Playing with white pieces, Anand slowly tightened his grip over the Queen’s Gambit Declined game. Sensing his growing advantage, after the exchange of the light-squared bishops on the 12th move, Anand exerted more pressure on an increasingly passive Vallejo.

Anand’s rooks on the central file gave no respite to Vallejo’s aimlessly roaming queen and ineffective rooks. Vallejo gave up when he saw no way of salvaging his fast-collapsing position.

On Friday, Anand plays black against Ponomariov, and a draw in the final round against Aronian should fetch him the title on Saturday.

In the other game, Ponomariov came out better following the opening lines of Catalan against Aronian. But the Ukrainian failed to find the precise continuation and the game soon drifted into an objectively drawn position. The players signed peace after 41 moves.

The results: Fourth round: Viswanathan Anand (10) bt Francisco Vallejo (Esp, 1); Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukr, 4) drew with Levon Aronian (Arm, 6).

Fifth round pairings: Ponomariov vs Anand; Aronian vs Vallejo.


Vladimir Kramnik Chess Center in Kuban

Vladimir Kramnik Chess Center in Kuban
Sep 18, 2014

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, President of the Russian Chess Federation Andrei Filatov, former world champion Vladimir Kramnik and representative of Krasnodar Krai will meet during the International Investment Forum “Sochi-2014″ to sign an agreement to create a “Sports Center for Chess Training” named after Vladimir Kramnik.

The Chess Center should be the biggest school for young masters and venue for international and national competitions at all levels.

“Year after year chess is growing in Krasnodar Krai. Kuban is the birthplace of famous Masters and Grandmasters, and I am confident that the “Vladimir Kramnik Chess Center” will be a starting point for the education of future champions.” – FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said.

Vladimir Kramnik supports the establishment of chess centers across the country: “The opening of the Chess Center in Krasnodar Krai is a new milestone in the history of chess movement. I am particularly pleased that such center will operate in my home region. We need to help the chess movement throughout the country, to create centers and schools and involve the younger generation in chess.”

Vladimir Kramnik will participate as an expert in the preparation and development of educational material, as well as in the preparation of the coaching staff. It is also planned that Kramnik will participate in the training activities.

At the present specialized sports schools for chess operate in Anapa, Armavir, Krasnodar and Sochi.

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24th World Senior Chess Championships

The World Senior Chess Championships will be held in Katerini, Greece from 23 October (day of arrivals) to 5 November 2014 (day of departures). The tournament will take place in the conference center of the 5 - star hotel “Mediterranean Village” in Katerini, Greece.

5 reasons retirement planning is tougher for women

5 reasons retirement planning is tougher for women
September 11, 2014
By Maryalene LaPonsie | Money Rates Columnist

The gender pay gap has garnered all sorts of media and legislative attention, prompting marches, committee hearings and petitions to Washington. There is even an Equal Pay Day (it was April 8 this year) to mark how far into the new year females must work to earn as much as men did the previous year.

While the gender pay gap is a real phenomenon, it has overshadowed another inequality that has the same potential to threaten the long-term financial stability of women: the glaring gender gap in retirement savings.

A 2013 report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, based on 2011 numbers, found the average IRA owned by a man had a balance of $114,745 while the average balance for a woman was $66,529. At age 70, median balances were $72,971 for men and $42,926 for women.

While this gap is troubling on its face, financial advisers say there are also several reasons why women need to save more aggressively than their male counterparts. Here are five of them.

Click here to read the whole article where Rich As A King co-author (along with Susan Polgar), Doug Goldstein, CFP® was quoted extensively.

20 points separate Carlsen and Caruana

GM Luka Paichadze winner of Nona Gaprindashvili Cup Open A 2014

Ministry of Sport and Youth of Georgia and Georgian Chess Federation organized the 2014 edition of Nona Gaprindashvili Cup Open A on 9-17 September 2014 at the Chess Palace in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia.

The 9-round Swiss event consisted of 65 players from 8 different countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine), including 10 GMs.

GM Luka Paichadze (Georgia) finished on top with 7,5/9 points, leaving the runner-up half point behind.

Ukrainian GM Vladimir Onischuk took clear second on 7 points, while Armenian GM Robert Hovhannisyan remained third on 6,5 points.

IM Meri Arabidze emerged the best female player on 5,5 points.

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Final standings (top finishers):

1 GM Paichadze Luka GEO 2543 7,5
2 GM Onischuk Vladimir UKR 2593 7
3 GM Hovhannesiyan Robert ARM 2592 6,5
4 GM Pantsulaia Levan GEO 2590 6
5 GM Baryshpolets Andrey UKR 2540 6
6 GM Shanava Konstantine GEO 2550 6
7 GM Fier Alexander BRA 2579 6
8 IM Azaladze Shota GEO 2498 6
9 FM Petrosyan Tigran S. ARM 2422 6
10 FM Sibashvili Giorgi GEO 2335 6
11 IM Quparadze Giga GEO 2471 6
12 GM Hayrapetyan Hovik ARM 2438 5,5
13 IM Baghdasaryan Vahe ARM 2332 5,5
14 IM Paravyan David RUS 2428 5,5
15 IM Arabidze Meri GEO 2411 5,5
16 FM Mgeladze Tamaz GEO 2336 5,5
17 IM Morchiashvili Bachana GEO 2327 5,5
18 IM Khurtsidze Nino GEO 2467 5,5
19 GM Grigoryan Karen ARM 2610 5,5
20 IM Lomineishvili Maia GEO 2366 5,5

Webster University Chess Team (August 2012-August 2014)

Norwegian Prime Minister turned down invitation to attend Carlsen-Anand match in Sochi

Solberg in stalemate over Russian chess match
Published: 18 Sep 2014 00:15 GMT+02:00
Updated: 18 Sep 2014 00:15 GMT+02:00

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has declined attending the Chess World Championship in Sochi this November, it was announced on Wednesday.

Solberg wrote in a letter to the International Chess Association: “I regret that the current international circumstances do not allow me to attend a sports event in the Russian Federation.”

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was re-elected as president in the International Chess Association (FIDE) during the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø in August. Last week he sent a formal invitation to the Norwegian Prime Minister to be present during the championship.

In the invitation Erna Solberg was also asked to make the first move in the first match of the Chess World Championship in the Russian Olympics city. The World Championship will begin on November 7th and run until November 28th.

This year, as last year, Norway's Magnus Carlsen will meet Viswanathan Anand of India in the fight for the World Champion title.

Carlsen was unhappy with the choice of Sochi as the World Championship host city and considered for a long time not showing up to defend his title.

Solberg wrote in her answer to Ilyumzhinov: “I enjoyed our recent meeting at the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø and want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your re-election as President of FIDE.”

The Norwegian head of state then declined the invitation to attend a sports event in a country that the West have introduced sanctions against in connection to the conflict with Ukraine.


Changes of the article 11.3.b. of the Laws of Chess

Changes of the article 11.3.b.of the Laws of Chess

To all Arbiters:

Dear Colleagues,

During the 2014 Tromso FIDE Congress the Rules Commission, in order to reflect to the Anti cheating Committee’s request, altered the wording of the article 11.3.b.

The following was included in the Minutes of the Tromso Anti Cheating Committee Meeting of the 8 August 2014:

c. The Rules Commission reported that they have altered Law 11.3b in the Laws of Chess to reflect the request of the ACC. The new text reads: During a game, a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone, electronic means of communication or any device capable of suggesting chess moves on their person in the playing venue. However, the rules of the competition may allow such devices to be stored in a player’s bag, as long as the device is completely switched off. A player is forbidden to carry a bag holding such a device, without permission of the arbiter. If it is evident that a player has such a device on their person in the playing venue, the player shall lose the game. The opponent shall win. The rules of a competition may specify a different, less severe, penalty. The arbiter may require the player to allow his/her clothes, bags or other items to be inspected, in private. The arbiter or a person authorized by the arbiter shall inspect the player and shall be of the same gender as the player. If a player refuses to cooperate with these obligations, the arbiter shall take measures in accordance with Article 12.9. The final decision to make this change to the Laws of Chess shall be made by the 2014 FIDE General Assembly.

The above change was not possible to be approved by the Tromso FIDE General Assembly because of lack of quorum and it is going to be approved by the next FIDE General Assembly.

As the change is very significant and as the period until the next FIDE General Assembly will take place is too long, FIDE suggested that the Arbiters shall apply the above change of the article 11.3.b of the Laws of Chess during all their tournaments that will be held from now on.

Therefore you are instructed to apply the above wording of the article 11.3.b. of the Laws of Chess in all your tournaments, starting from 1 October 2014.

The interpretation of this change is as follows:

In minor chess tournaments, where the players is not possible to leave their mobiles out of the playing hall and the organizers cannot provide an area for collecting the mobiles of all the players during the rounds, the Arbiters have the possibility to apply the new wording of the article 11.3.b., allowing the players to have their mobile phones in their bags, but completely switched off.

The player shall inform the Arbiter before the start of the round, in case that a completely switched off mobile phone, or any electronic mean of communication, or any other device capable of suggesting chess moves is in his/her bag.

All the above shall be included in the rules of competition (tournament regulations) of the specific event in advance. The Chief Arbiter may make an announcement before the start of the round.

This possibility will not be valid for the World and Continental FIDE events.

With best regards

Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission

Bilbao Final Masters LIVE!

European Club Cup LIVE Games!

European Club Cup Women LIVE!

SOCAR on a roll



During today’s free day for the Masters Final players, Sestao won their match, while Gros lost theirs. Both teams are tied, mid-table, with Solvay (Cantabria)

Bilbao, 17 September 2014

DAY 4:

Main results at the European Club Cup

Socar (Azerbaijan) – G Team Noy Bor (Czech Republic) 2-0
Obiettivo Risarcimento (Italy) - Beer Sheva (Russia) 2-0
Malakhite (Russia) – SPB (Russia) 2-0
Gros Xake Taldea (Spain) - Odlar Yourdu (Macedonia) 0-2
Sestao Naturgas Energia (Spain) - Gambit Asseco (Serbia) 2-0
SHSM Nashe Nasledie (Russia) – Solvay (Spain) 2-0

During today’s free day at the Grand Slam Masters Final, part of which the players spent practising Basque rural sports, the European Club Cup was the protagonist during the fourth day of Bilbao Chess 2014. Due to the pairing system of this competition, which somehow resembles Darwin’s natural selection system, the strongest teams are starting to face each other and to compete for the title. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams fight to get a good position in the standings or, at least, stay as far from the last positions as possible. There are 60 clubs (52 in the open tournament and 8 in the women’s tournament) coming from 30 European countries.

At the top of the chain, big favourites Socar, Malakhite and Obiettivo Risarcimento seem ready to fight for the title during the last three days. The Azerbaijani team, with stars Veselin Topalov, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Michael Adams, leads the standings with 8 points, followed by the Italians and the Russians with 7 each. The current European champions, Czech G Team, have 6 points, after being defeated today by unrivalled Socar.

9 of the world top 10 players are competing in Bilbao, either in the European Club Cup or in the Masters Final. These include Caruana, Aronian, Grischuk, Topalov, Anand, Karjakin, Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave and Mamedyarov. From the world ranking, we are only missing reigning number 1 and recent world champion Magnus Carlsen, who also won the Masters Final twice. Mr Carlsen turned down the invitation to participate this year in order to prepare for the rematch against Anand for the world title.

Also competing in Bilbao are 5 of the world top 10 women players, led by world champion Yifán, even though her team, Montecarlo — reigning champion at the Women’s Cup —, is disappointing everyone by holding a closing position in the standings.

Basque teams Sestao and Gros, on their part, turned the tables today. The team from Biscay eventually got a victory in their match against Serbian Gambit Asseco, while the team from Guipúzcoa lost their match against Macedonians Odlar Yourdu. As foreseen, Solvay from Cantabria, on their part, lost against the powerful Russian team SHSM Nashe Nasledie. After today’s fourth day, all three teams representing the Spanish Federation are equal on 4 points in the standings.

On the other hand, Paco Vallejo — as foreseen — proclaimed today champion of the 1st Basque Rural Sports Triathlon organized by the Grand Slam Masters Final after defeating the other finalist, Levon Aronian, at the deciding event — soka-tira (tug of war).

Organized by the Herri Kirolak Federation of Biscay and the City Hall of Bilbao, the competition consisted of a combination of three events, called lokotxak, txingas and soka-tira. According to the competition’s rules, all four players of the Grand Slam Masters Final 2014 — Anand, Aronian, Ponomariov and Vallejo — were to compete, in two rounds and with each other, a combination of lokotxas and txingas, without any pause between each type. The two players who set the best time would qualify for the final. The champion would arise from a one-to-one soka-tira confrontation between the two finalists.

During the first round of lokotxak and txingas, it was Ruslan Ponomariov who defeated the Indian player. While five-times world champion Anand finished at a time of 1’05’’, youngest ever world champion Ponomariov (Ukraine) did so at a time of 58’’.

When it seemed like thin but fibrous Ponomariov would qualify, a surprise came from the second round that Spanish champion Paco Vallejo and reigning Masters Final champion Levon Aronian were playing. Mr Vallejo finished in a time of 52’’, almost simultaneously followed by the Armenian player in a time of 53’’, so both players qualified for the final.

At the soka-tira final test, there was no comparison. Despite the Spanish player’s tiredness as opposed to Aronian’s lightness and great shape, Vallejo’s size and strength proclaimed him champion after a few seconds.

The prize for Vallejo, winner of this 1st Basque Rural Sports Triathlon, was a trophy representing an aizkolari (wood-chopping) hard at work, while his three rivals got several acknowledging trophies, such as an harrijazotzaile lifting a rock.

Today was the free day for the four players in the Masters Final, whose second round starts tomorrow and will finish on Saturday, at the same time as the European Club Cup. There is no break for the players competing in the European Cup, though, who will keep playing at 3pm this afternoon.

With both the 30th European Club Cup and the 7th Grand Slam Masters Final being held simultaneously, Bilbao is turning into the world chess capital during this week. Until Saturday 20 September, many high-level players are meeting in Bilbao for both tournaments; amongst others, nine of the current top ten players in the world. At the European Cup, specifically, there are 60 teams competing.

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Zudov Memorial 2014 LIVE!

A classic chess tactic

White to move. How should White proceed?

8/1r6/5p2/3k2p1/3N4/3P4/2P2K1Q/q7 w - - 0 1

Rinck 1904