Saturday, July 27, 2013

Caruana broke 2800

Italian superstar Fabiano Caruana started the Dortmund Sparkassen Tournament with a victory against the Russian champion Dmitry Andreikin to reach the magical 2800-elo mark in the live rating list.

Caruana was already established on the third place in the FIDE world rankings and now he joins the elite club of players who have reached the rating of 2800.

Magnus Carlsen is first with 2862 elo, Levon Aronian is second with 2813, and Vladimir Kramnik, who is also playing in Dortmund, is fourth with 2789 (live).

Caruana is defending the trophy in Dortmund, having previously ended Kramnik’s victorious row in this German city.

After the shaky start of the year in Wijk aan Zee, Caruana proceeded to finish second behind Anand in Grenke Baden-Baden, and then to win Zurich Chess Challenge ahead of the world champion.

He also shared second place in the FIDE Grand Prix in Thessaloniki and is still in position to qualify for the Candidates Tournament, but only if he wins the final GP stage.


Anonymous said...

Nakamura is the best American born.

Anonymous said...

But he hadn't played Wei Too Loe!